What Is Simple education?

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What is Simple education?

A unique personalised online educational medical resource.

What kind of content?

  • Content from leading cardiologists 
  • Live Case Transmissions
  • Speakers’ Slide Decks
  • On-demand web interface 
  • Course Certification 
  • Radcliffe Cardiology Journals 

Who is behind Simple education?

The global leaders in interventional cardiologist.

How does it work?

On the SIMPLE education website, unique educational Moments have been created giving access to the latest information. 

You choose the Topics of interest and  each Moment is collated into personalised Passports to ensure that you have access to the latest, most valuable content. 

SIMPLE can also provide all course material and online post-course content from the SIMPLE education essential guides. 

How do I sign up?

Sign up here,  and get started discovering Simple education Moments which are of interest to you.


Content is created by leading consultants, physicians and global medical leaders.  

Access is also available to all the post-course information from the Simple education essential guides course material.

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