Advances in Co-registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging

Advances in Co-registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging  is the premier international course focusing on intracoronary co-registration run by a leading and world renowned international faculty.  This course is specialising in coronary co-registration, and builds on the 8 years of courses which have been run and quickly established as the leading global interventional course in state-of-the-art coronary physiology and intracoronary imaging. This course provides all you need to know to understand coronary physiology from learning the background basics of coronary physiology and imaging to understanding the clinical trial data and implementation of co-registration in the catheter laboratory. The course is centred around live case demonstrations, case examples, and break out sessions to ensure that you can integrate new knowledge into your clinical practice.  

An online teaching resource, the Simple Education application, will give you access to video content from the talks, in addition to a raft of other online educational and learning resources which continue your learning experience and connect you with the interventional community after the course finishes.

Advances in Co-registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging  Course provides all you need to know to understand the basics of coronary physiology and imaging and how to implement both using co-registration into the cardiac catheter laboratory.

PROVISIONAL COURSE AGENDA (programme and speakers are subject to change)

Monday 19th October 2020


Welcome and introductions
Course Directors

Hot topics overview in coronary physiology, imaging and co-registration
Javier Escaned

Understanding mechanisms of regulation of resting and hyperaemic blood flow, across single and serial stenoses
Justin Davies

How to perform iFR and FFR, and best-practice measurement tips and tricks
Ricardo Petraco

Getting the most out of our Imaging and Physiology Co-Registration Course: online-resources, and certification
Justin Davies

Coffee break

How does IVUS work?
Andrew Sharp

ABC of how to perform good IVUS measurements?
Jurgen Ligthart

11.30-12.00How to perform good co-registration measurements using iFR and IVUS
Carlo Di Mario

Live case transmission
Operators:  Sayan Sen, Rasha Al-Lamee
                          Hammersmith Hospital, London
Moderators: Justin Davies, Andrew Sharp, Javier Escaned, Amir Lerman


20 year overview of clinical trial data to support the use of coronary physiology in revascularisation decision-making
Javier Escaned

Understanding how iFR/IVUS Co-registration differs from other co-registration based technologies
Justin Davies

Coffee break

Evidence base for IVUS: to support use in routine practice

FR or FFR in the LAD. What does the clinical outcome data tell us?
Sayan Sen

Orbita, Courage and Ischaemia vs Fame and Syntax2

16.05-16.25Using  iFR Co-registration to distinguish between focal and diffuse coronary disease. What does DEFINE-PCI tell us? Where will DEFINE-GPS take us?

16.30 - 18:00
18:00Close of Day 1

Tuesday 20th October 2020

08.15-8.50IVUS catheter assembly
Christopher Cook
Welcome and introductions
Course Directors

09.10-09.45Live case transmission
Operators:  Javier Escaned, Nieves Gonzalo
                          Hospital San Carlos, Madrid
Moderators: Justin Davies, Amir Lerman, Carlo Di Mario

09.50-10.10Should we be treating a physiology number or vessel MLA?  Moving from vessel level ischaemia to stenosis level assessment
Justin Davies

10.15-10.25Coffee break

10.25-10.45Artificial intelligence guiding physiological data interpretation and improving patient safety
Christopher Cook

10.50-13.00Break out sessions (each session 40 min)

Room 1: Physiological data interpretation and avoiding pitfalls
 Sukhjinder Nijjer/Justin Davies

Room 2: Hands on: Making good IVUS measurements
 Rasha Al-Lamee/Andrew Sharp

Room 3: Interpretation of co-registration data
 Christopher Cook


14.00-14.20ABC for using Coronary Physiology in Aortic Stenosis, PPCI/ACS, Muscle Bridges and Atrial Fibrillation.
Sukhjinder Nijjer

14.25-14.40How to tackle LMS assessment and treatment using iFR
Andrew Sharp

14.45-15.05My top cases when Co-Registration changed my practice
Rasha Al-Lamee

15.10Summary and Q&A session
Course Directors
15.30Close of the meeting

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