CTO Fundamentals 2016

The CTO Fundamentals Live! course took place in Klein, Amsterdam from the 2nd of June to the 3rd of June

CTO Fundamentals Live! showcases the top CTO operators in the world, supplemented by a vastly experienced selection of physicians.

This two-day meeting provides guidance on your learning curve, address common problems and offer hands-on opportunities.

Simple Education is pleased to offer you the content from this two-day course. Please find all moments and components from this event below:

CTO Fundamentals Live 2016 - Day 1:

How to Read an Angiogram: Clues to Strategy - Evald Christiansen: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/684/components/3658

CTO Indications: Symptoms, Viability or Ischaemia - Elliott Smith: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/684/components/3659

The CTO Training Pathway - James C Spratt: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/684/components/3660

Understanding Complexity Beyond the J-CTO Score - Jo Dens: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/684/components/3661

Live Case - ISR CTO, RWE - Bill Lombardi & Alex Nap: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/684/components/3681

Live Case: Proximal Cx CTO, IVUS Guided Puncture - Colm Hanratty & Alex Nap: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/684/components/3682

CTO Fundamentals Live 2016 - Day 2:

Adventures in the Post CABG Patient: Lessons from Surgery - Ulf Jensen: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3662

Contemporary Wire-Based Approaches: Where to Apply Within the Hybrid Algorithm - Daniel Weilenmann: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3663

Antegrade Dissection Re-entry: Challenging Re-entry & dealing with Haematoma - John Irving: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3664

Solutions for the Proximal CTO Cap - Benjamin Faurie: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3665

How does Efficacy Translate into Durability - Simon Walsh: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3666

CTO and the Healing Response: OCT Insights - Jonathan Hill: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3667

CTO and Multi-Vessel Disease: The Key to Complete Revascularisation - Colm Hanratty: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3668

Live Case: Post CABG RCA CTO - James Spratt & Simon Walsh: https://simpleeducation.co/moments/685/components/3683

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