Intracoronary Guidance in Complex PCI

Simple Education essential guides Intracoronary Guidance in Complex PCI is the premier international course focusing on intracoronary guidance of procedures during Complex PCI. The course is run by leading and world renowned international faculty. This is the first course specialising in the use of intracoronary guidance in complex PCI, and builds for the experienced coronary interventionist on  7 years of courses which have been run, and quickly established as the leading global interventional course in state-of-the-art coronary physiology and intracoronary imaging. 

This Intracoronary Guidance in Complex PCI course provides all you need to know to understand about the use of intra coronary physiology and imaging to support complex PCI.  The courses is composed of several session including multiple cases presentations, live cases, and interactive learning sessions. 

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An online teaching resource, the Simple Education application, will give you access to video content from the talks, in addition to a raft of other online educational and learning resources which continue your learning experience and connect you with the interventional community after the course finishes.

Intracoronary Guidance in Complex PCI provides all you need to know to understand how to implement intracoronary guidance using physiology and imaging into complex PCI cases.

PROVISIONAL COURSE AGENDA (programme and speakers are subject to change)

Monday 1st April 2019


Welcome and introductions
Javier Escaned, Justin Davies

Best practices and personalised  medicine in complex PCI
Javier Escaned

Essential steps for physiology-based PCI planning and guidance
Mauro Echavarria-Pinto

Essential steps for intracoronary imaging-based PCI planning and guidance
Nieves Gonzalo

Why artificial intelligence will improve PCI guidance
Justin Davies


Coffee break

Planning of Live Case 1

Live case from Hospital Clínico San Carlos
Facilitators: Robert-Jan van Geuns / Javier Escaned

12.30-13.00Flash presentations based on Live Case 1

Lunch and hands-on experience

Intracoronary diagnostics in multivessel disease PCI
 Carlos Collet

Left main PCI: improving safety and outcomes with intracoronary guidance
Maciej Lesiak

Contemporary aspects of PCI in heavily calcified vessels
Javier Escaned


Live case from St Francis Hospital (Long Island, New York)
Operators:  Richard Shlofmitz, Allen Jeremias
Facilitators: Javier Escaned, Justin Davies

Discussion & Flash presentations based on Live Case 2

16.30-16.45Coffee break

Complex PCI case discussion

17.15-17.25Getting the most out of this course: online-resources, and certification
Justin Davies 

17.25 - 17:30
Closing remarks day 1
Javier Escaned, Justin Davies

17:30Close of Day 1

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

08.30-8.45Functional assessment of coronary stenosis prior to TAVI
Hernán Mejía-Rentería
Coronary bifurcations: an update on diagnosis, PCI planning and guidance
Goran Stankovic

09.00-09.15Planning of Live Case 3

09.15-10.30Live case from Hospital Clinico San Carlos
Facilitators: Goran Stankovic, Justin Davies

10.30-10.45Coffee break

10.45-11.00Intracoronary guidance in acute coronary syndromes
Enrico Cerrato

11.00-11.15Complex PCI in patients with impaired LV function
Robert-Jan van Geuns

11.15-11.30Planning of Live Case 4

11.30-12.30Live case from Hospital Clinico San Carlos
Facilitators: Carlos Collet / Maciej Lesiak

12.30-12.45Flash presentations and discussion based on Live Case 4

12.45-13.00Stent failure: contemporary aspects of diagnosis and treatment.
Nieves Gonzalo

13.00-14.00Lunch and hands-on experience

14.00-14.15DEFINE-PCI: Assessment of residual ischaemia after successful PCI
Justin Davies

14.15-15.15Get me out of here! Problem solving on complex PCI
Maciej Lesiak / Robert Jan van Geuns / Gabriela Tirado

15.15Summary and Q&A session
Course Directors
15.30Close of the meeting

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