CRT 2016 Valve & Structural - The Mitraclip Workshop - Show Me the Data

Mitraclip Workshop at CRT 2016 (Sponsored by Abbott Vascular)

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CRT 2016 Valve & Structural - The Mitraclip Workshop - Setting the Scene

Session Moderators & Panelists: Howard Herrmann, MD, FACC, MSCAI; William Gray, MD, FSCAI

8 Expert Presentations plus 1 Recorded Case Presentation and a Panel Discussion


  • Howard Herrmann, MD, FACC, MSCAI
  • William Gray, MD, FSCAI
  • Ted Feldman, MD, MSCAI
  • Carlo Di Mario, MD
  • Anita Asgar, MD, FACC
  • Scott Lim, MD
  • Brijeshwar Maini, MD
  • Steven Bolling, MD
  • Zuyue Wang, MD; 
  • Thierry Mesana, MD, PhD;
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