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The ‘Essential guide to Coronary Angiography, Stenting and Structural Intervention’ 4 module course is designed for busy Cardiology trainees, Interventional Fellows, aspiring cardiologists and consultants looking for a rapid and simple up date in this field.

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The course is the first of its kind to incorporate live cases, short lectures that cover the key points (delivered by leaders in the field) and encompass the interplay between the pharmacology, imaging, and devices in interventional cardiology.

The course is made of 4 one-day modules which include topics that will be encountered by all cardiologists regardless of specialization and are therefore designed to provide the definitive update in coronary and structural intervention for the practicing clinical cardiologist regardless of sub speciality. Delivered in dedicated conference facilities in the heart of London with easy travel links.

Module 1: Coronary Angiography and Right Heart Catheterisation

Module 2: The Chest Pain Patient

Module 3: Acute Coronary Syndrome, NSTEMI and STEMI

Module 4: Structural Heart Disease

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