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The Simple Education website provides high quality educational content on demand to anyone, either through live or video training sessions. Our belief is that many courses and events are extremely valuable but through pressure of time or cost, people may not be able to attend as many courses in person as they would wish. Simple Education gives access to focused training, either live or video-based in the range of topics that suits you.  Click here for an overview.

Simple Education has rapidly become the leader in the field for delivering high quality, seamless and beautifully crafted digital productions in partnership with leading course providers all around the world. In addition to broadcast live case transmission, Simple Education has developed a range of solutions to ensure long term engagement between educator and user. This development makes use of our digital training passports, where users have the opportunity to access content in areas of greatest interest to them. This ensures higher levels of interaction, a preferred user experience, and a highly tailored educational solution.

Physicians are able to build their own Passport, with a collection of training modules in subjects of interest. Users can then be offered course videos from courses actually attended as well as an array of further options for further, related training, including latest research findings, live case demonstrations, ‘how-to’ technique demonstrations or live training course options. Each learning Moment goes into the Passport to build up a comprehensive and quality training log.

Simple Education is an online medical school offering cardiology physicians access to medical lectures online as it is a medical education site. The key selling point for Simple Education is that it offers physicians access to the best medical lectures online in the shape of medical education distance learning via our medical school online and the medical training courses that are available.

The med ed online content means that Simple Education provides online medical courses for doctors be they cardiology physicians, GPs (General Practitioners) or GPs with a special interest in cardiology GPSI.

Simple Education is run and owned by Medsolve PTE. 

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