CRT 2016 Coronary - Procedures to iMPACT Your Practice

Procedures to iMPACT Your Practice at CRT 2016

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CRT 2016 - Procedures to iMPACT Your Practice Session

Session Moderators & Panelists: Michael Cowley, MD, MSCAI; David Cox, MD, FSCAI; Srihari Naidu, MD, FSCAI

7 Expert Sessions, featuring a Live Case Demonstration


  • Michael Cowley, MD, MSCAI
  • David Cox, MD, FSCAI
  • Srihari Naidu, MD, FSCAI
  • Ioannis Iakovou, MD, PhD
  • John Douglas, MD, FSCAI
  • John Lasala, MD, PhD, FSCAI
  • Augusto Pichard, MD, FSCAI
  • Lowell Satler, MD, FSCAI
  • Rich Heuser, MD, FSCAI
  • Jacques Koolen, MD, PhD, FSCAI
  • Jeffrey Moses, MD, FSCAI 
  • Ramon Quesada, MD, FSCAI
  • Fayaz Shawl, MD, FSCAI
  • Itsik Ben-Dor, MD
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