CRT 2016 Endovascular - Alternative Access for Large Bores

A session focusing on Alternative Access for Large Bores from CRT 2016

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CRT Endovascular -  Alternative Access for Large Bores

Session Moderators & Panelists: Mark Bates, MD, DSc, FSCAI; Maurice Buchbinder, MD, FSCAI; Adam Greenbaum, FACC, FSCAI; Nelson Bernardo, MD, FSCAI

8 Expert Sessions


  • Mark Bates, MD, DSc, FSCAI
  • Maurice Buchbinder, MD, FSCAI
  • Adam Greenbaum, FACC, FSCAI
  • Nelson Bernardo, MD, FSCAI
  • Mark Wholey, MD
  • Christian Shults, MD
  • Zoltan Turi, MD, MSCAI
  • Marvin Eng, MD
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