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Simple Education aggregates content from global institutions, congresses and courses. The Simple education site provides access to knowledge and information delivered  in a cross-platform customisable solution which is constantly updated with new, relevant and high-quality content.



Cardiovascular Research Technology focuses on providing physicians with the most up to date information on the latest developments in the interventional cardiology space. 


The Joint Interventional Meeting is solely focused on interventional cardiology. The event primarily focuses on live cases and is run by Dr. Antonio Colombo who is highly respected in this field. 



This is Total Occlusion & Bifurcation Interventions and is again solely about interventional cardiology. 



This is Arterial and Venous Endovascular conference. The event is split into two streams – the first one is cardiovascular based and the second is more vascular (so one focuses on the heart and the other is more vein / arterial focused). 


London Aorta Masterclass 

This two day event is held in London and is run by Prof. John Pepper O.B.E , a highly respected physician. The London Aorta Masterclass takes place every two years and has been filmed for Simple Education. 

Top 10 in Cardiology  

This excellent course is aimed at general cardiologists.

Simple education essential guide

The essential guides from Simple Education brings together some of the world's experts in Advanced Cardio Physiology, IVUS and ECG.

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