CRT 2015 Nurses & Technologists - Session I - STEMI

The first session from the Nurses & Technologists track on STEMI

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CRT 2015 Nurses & Technologists - Session I - STEMI

Session Moderators: Kenneth A. Gorski, RN, BSN; Dionne P. Ross, RN

9 Expert Session


  • Kenneth A. Gorski, RN, BSN 
  • Dionne P. Ross, RN
  • Michael Guiry, PA-C, MBA
  • Danielle M Blais, PharmD
  • Eric R. Bates, MD
  • Eva Kline-Rogers, NP
  • Robert A. Gallino, MD
  • Michael R. Mooney, MD
  • Jane Kiah, MSN
  • Tom H. Maloney, RCISz
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