CRT 2015 Technology & Innovation - Showcases of BRS

A session on the Showcases of BRS from CRT 2015

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CRT 2015 Technology & Innovation - Showcases of BRS

Session Moderators & Panelists:  Habib Samady, MD; Pieter R. Stella, MD, PhD; Daniel Chamié, MD; Ricardo A. Costa, PhD; Jacques J. Koolen, MD, PhD; Azeem Latib, MD; Corrado Tamburino, PhD

4 Expert Sessions


  •  Habib Samady, MD
  • Pieter R. Stella, MD, PhD
  • Daniel Chamié, MD
  • Ricardo A. Costa, PhD
  • Jacques J. Koolen, MD, PhD
  • Azeem Latib, MD
  • Corrado Tamburino, PhD
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