12th European Bifurcation Club (EBC) Meeting, Rotterdam 2016

12th European Bifurcation Club (EBC) Meeting 2016 was held at Rotterdam.

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  • To establish the European Bifurcation Club as a revered think-tank in the treatment of coronary bifurcation lesions.
  • To interact with the medical industry in the development of new concepts, new processes and devices and confer scientific credibility upon new clinical and technological projects. A club of industrial partners could also be created with an identifying logo.
  • To establish and publish updated consensus and non-consensus on coronary bifurcation comprehension, definitions and treatments.
  • To create a website, that will be made available to sponsors for product/device promotion as well as to publish all relevant presentations www.bifurc.net
  • To organise future meetings and workshops in Europe in order to improve knowledge and technical skills in this field.


  • Jens Flensted Lassen (Aarhus. DK)
  • Nicolas Amabile (Paris, FR)
  • Francesco Burzotta (Rome, IT)
  • Tom Johnson (Bristol, UK)
  • Niels Ramsing Holm (Aarhus, DK)
  • Nicolas Foin (Singapore, SG)
  • Evald Hoj Christensen (Aarhus, DK)
  • Robert-Jan Van Geuns (Rotterdam, NL)
  • Manuel Pan (Cordoba, ES)
  • Adrian Banning (Oxford, UK)
  • Thierry Lefevre (Paris, FR)
  • Imad Sheiban (Verona, IT)
  • Olivier Darremont (Bordeaux, FR)
  • Angela Hoye (Hull, UK)
  • Jacek Legutko (Krakow, PL)
  • Ivo Petrov (Sofia, BG)
  • Joanna Wykrzykowska (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Alaide Chieffo (Milan, IT)
  • Azeem Latib (Milan, IT)
  • Yves Louvard (Paris, FR)
  • Goran Stankovic (Belgrade, SRB)
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