Live Case Demonstration of iFR Co-Registration from TCT 2016

Live Case
Live case demonstration of treatment of tandem lesions using iFR Co-Registration and SyncVision IVUS from Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College London featuring Dr Justin Davies, Dr Chris Baker, and Dr Sayan Sen.

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The assessment of tandem coronary disease is complex with FFR.  This is because in the presence of two or more stenoses one stenosis can effect the blood flow across another stenosis.  Practically speaking this means that lesions severity can be underestimate, and patients failing to get appropriate PCI.  

iFR, and iFR Co-Registration, overcome these limitations of FFR and allows tandem lesions to be assessed relatively independent of one another. This offers the following potential advantages:-

  • Independent interrogation of coronary stenosis
  • Estimation of the physiological improvement of stenting using virtual stenting
  • Calculation of lesion length using iFR-Co Registration 


  • Dr Justin Davies
  • Dr Chris Baker
  • Dr Sayan Sen
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