Advances in Co-registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging - eCourse

Advances in Co-registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging  is the premier international eCourse focusing on intracoronary co-registration run by a leading and world renowned international faculty.  This course is specialising in coronary co-registration, and builds on the 8 years of courses which have been run and quickly established as the leading global interventional course in state-of-the-art coronary physiology and intracoronary imaging. 

After running the course for 9 years in London, due to the Covid-19 crisis we will be running this course for the first time as an online event.  Our online e-course will continue to have many of the features from the previous years including live case demonstrations, a large focus on interactive discussions and questions and answers and several sessions dedicated to clinical cases. We will be running the event from a studio in central London to ensure a superb HD experiences for all of the participants.  Once again we have a line up of the leading global experts in imaging and physiology from around the world. 

An online teaching resource, the Simple Education application, will give you access to live streamed and on-demand video content from the talks, in addition to a raft of other online educational and learning resources which continue your learning experience and connect you with the interventional community after the course finishes. We will also be partnering with Rutherford Medicine to live stream on this global medical platform. 

Advances in Co-registration, Coronary Physiology & Intra Coronary Imaging e Course provides all you need to know to understand the basics of coronary physiology and imaging and how to implement both using co-registration into the cardiac catheter laboratory.

PROVISIONAL COURSE AGENDA (programme and speakers are subject to change)

Monday 22nd February 2020 (UK time)

Welcome and introductions
Justin Davies, Javier Escaned

Research News & Updates
Javier Escaned, Justin Davies, Andrew Sharp, Carlo Di Mario

Core essentials of understanding coronary physiology
Justin Davies 

Core essentials of understanding IVUS
Andrew Sharp

Core essentials of understanding Co-registration
Yuetsu Kikuta

Live case demonstration: Co-registration iFR
Transmission from Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid  
Operators: Javier Escaned, Nieves Gonzalo
Panel: Justin Davies, Andrew Sharp, Carlo Di Mario, Roberto Spina, Tom Devasia

What proportion of patients should receive coronary physiology & IVUS assessment?
Andrew Sharp


Welcome and introductions
Justin Davies, Javier Escaned

AM live case review / update
Carlo Di Mario, Javier Escaned, Nieves Gonzalo

Practical tips and tricks of making good coronary physiology measurements
Mauro Echavarria

15.00-15.20Practical tips and tricks of making good IVUS measurements
Andrew Sharp

Practical tips and tricks for making good co-registration measurements
Bruce Samuels

15.40-16.10My best coronary physiology learning cases
Carlo Di Mario, Mauro Echavarria
Panel: Constantin von zur Mühlen

My best IVUS learning cases
Carlo Di Mario

101 best reason to not use coronary physiology and imaging.
Bruce Samuels

17:00Close of play

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Welcome and introductions
Justin Davies, Javier Escaned

Overview and review of Day 1
Justin Davies, Javier Escaned

09.10-10.00Moving beyond the angiogram. Show me the data to support the use of coronary physiology & imaging
Javier Escaned
Panel: Andrew Sharp, Fahim Jafary

10.00-10.25Coronary physiology in a busy COVID hospital.  Help or hinderance?
Rasha Al-Lamee

10.25-10.45My best tips and tricks for IVUS & IFR Co-Registration
Fahim Jafary

Using IVUS to simplify CTO treatment
Sunao Nakamura

Can I measure coronary physiology in A.Fib, CHF, Pacing, Cardiogenic shock, Aortic Stenosis?
Ricardo Petraco


Welcome and introductions
Justin Davies, Javier Escaned

14.05-14.35Is PCI still warranted in the Post Ischemia and ORBITA era?
Gregg Stone

14.35-15.00Coronary physiology gate keeper or guide to coronary PCI? Rationale and design of DEFINE-GPS
Allen Jeremias

15.00-15.20Integrating non-invasive with invasive diagnostic physiology (CT-FFR, Angio iFR, iFR, and iFR Co-Reg.). How do they all fit together?
Sayan Sen, Andrew Sharp

My best co-registration cases
Justin Davies, Jacek Legutko, Sayan Sen, Andrew Sharp

16.20Close of play

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