ISCP 2017

The ISCP (International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy) are a global organisation with a large membership from over 35 countries worldwide. Most countries have an ISCP Governor and are encouraged to join in local participation in events and collaboration in projects and strategies to improve cardiovascular health through the promotion of education and research in all areas of cardiovascular pharmacotherapy. The ultimate goal always being the prevention of cardiac disease and the improvement of treatment, clinical outcome and patient wellbeing.

The ISCP promotes cooperation among societies with interests in CV pharmacotherapy and allied/related disciplines worldwide, sponsors international and regional meetings on CV pharmacotherapy and offers logistic support to scientists wishing to carry out short visits to leading institutions worldwide.

In August 2017, Simple Education filmed and live streamed the annual conference in Barcelona as such, we have the pleasure in introducing this content to you> Please see all the content filmed at this meeting this year in the moments below:

ISCP 2017 - Sudden Cardiac Death and Syncope - Joint Session ISCP and ESC WG of Pharmacotherapy -

ISCP 2017 - Treatment of Heart Failure in 2017 - Joint Session ISCP and Cardio Vascular Clinical Trialist forum (I) -  

ISCP 2017 - Treatment of Heart Failure in 2017 - Joint Session ISCP and Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) - 

ISCP 2017 - The Henry N. Neufeld Lecture -

ISCP 2017 - Atrial Fibrillation: Summary of the Most Important Knowledge - Joint Session ISCP and Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES) -

ISCP 2017 - Prevention and Treatment of Atherosclerosis -

ISCP 2017 - Coronary Artery Disease - Joint Session ISCP and European Association of Professors Emeriti -

ISCP 2017 - Conference -

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