Platelet Function Testing

During ESC 2013 (NL), Radcliffe Cardiology, in association with the Interventional Cardiology Review journal, filmed a roundtable discussion entitled 'Balancing the Efficacy and Safety of Antiplatelet Agents'.

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The meeting comprised of four multidisciplinary panel discussions on a range of topical issues related to antiplatelet therapy and platelet function testing.

  • SESSION 1 / The Clinical Value of Platelet Re-activity Testing - An Introduction
  • SESSION 2 / The Role of Antiplatelet Therapies in Neuro-endovascular Procedures
  • SESSION 3 / Platelet Reactivity Testing - Treatment Options for High-risk PCI Patients
  • SESSION 4 / A Review of the Procedures in Peripheral Intervention that Require Antiplatelet Therapy
  •  SESSION 5 / Balancing the Efficiency and Safety of Antiplatelet Agents - A Cross-therapy Discussion


The discussion was moderated by Robert Storey, (Sheffield, UK). He was joined by expert group of physicians including Jean-Philippe Collet, (Paris, FR), Antonio Colombo, (Milan, IT), Jeff Daheln, (Accumetrics, US), Guillaume Taylor, (Paris, FR) and Stavros Spiliopoulos, (Rion, GR).

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Target Audience

This round table discussion is intended for an international audience, specifically interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists and aligned healthcare professional involved with antiplatelet therapy.

The Round Table Event was supported by Accumetrics.

Learning Objectives

Designed to support the continuous education of practicing physicians, this roundtable shares leading opinion and addresses the following questions and key educational objectives:

  • Increase physician awareness of the multidisciplinary role of antiplatelet therapy
  • Increase understanding of the role of platelet function testing in high-risk PCI
  • Explain the emerging role of PFT in PAD
  • Assess the role of antiplatelets in neuro-endovascular procedures

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