Sleep-disordered Breathing in Heart Failure – Current State of the Art

Aricle on Sleep-disordered Breathing in Heart Failure – Current State of the Art

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Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), either obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) or central sleep apnoea (CSA)/Cheyne-Stokes respiration (CSR) and often a combination of the two, is highly prevalent in patients with heart failure (HF), is associated with reduced functional capacity and quality of life, and has a negative prognostic impact. European HF guidelines identify that sleep apnoea is of concern in patients with HF. Continuous positive airway pressure is the treatment of choice for OSA, and adaptive servoventilation (ASV) appears to be the most consistently effective therapy for CSA/CSR while also being able to treat concomitant obstructive events. There is a growing body of evidence that treating SDB in patients with HF, particularly using ASV for CSA/CSR, improves functional outcomes such as HF symptoms, cardiac function, cardiac disease markers, exercise tolerance and quality of life. However, conflicting results have been reported on ‘hard’ outcomes such as mortality and healthcare utilisation, and the influence of effectively treating SDB, including CSA/CSR, remains to be determined in randomised clinical trials. Two such trials (SERVE-HF and ADVENT-HF) in chronic stable HF and another in post-acute decompensated HF (CAT-HF) are currently underway.


Martin R Cowie - Professor of Cardiology at National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College and Royal Brompton Hospital, London

Holger Woehrle - Medical Director at ResMed Science Centre, Martinsried and Consultant, Sleep and Ventilation Centre Blaubeuren, Blaubeuren

Olaf Oldenburg  -  Senior Cardiologist at Department of Cardiology, Heart and Diabetes Centre North Rhine-Westphalia, Ruhr University Bochum, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

Thibaud Damy - Henri Mondor Hospital, Créteil, France

Peter van der Meer -  University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

Erland Erdmann - Director at  Department of Internal Medicine III, Heart Centre, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany © T

Marco Metra - Professor at Institute of Cardiology, University of Brescia

Faiez Zannad  -  Academic Hospital (CHU), Nancy, France

Jean-Noel Trochu  - University Hospital (CHU), Nantes, France

Lars Gullestad  -  Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, Norway

Michael Fu  -  Sahlgrenska University Hospital/Östra Hospital, Göteborg, Sweden

Michael Böhm  - Department for Internal Medicine III, University Hospital of the Saarland

Angelo Auricchio - Director of Electrophysiology in the Division of Cardiology at Fondazione Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano in Switzerland

Patrick Levy  -  University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

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